Thursday, March 27, 2014


It may still feel like winter, but spring is in full bloom thanks to Sean McCabe’s dazzling illustrations for Macy’s annual Flower Show. Sean’s dynamic compositions are the hidden treasure behind this year’s theme, “The Secret Garden.” Sean created the featured illustration for Macy’s Flower Show poster, as well as 27 additional images for the Macy’s Spring Fashion Catalogue, thus joining together two of the retailer's annual campaigns for the first time. Come take a look at this spectacular collection of work!

CLICK HERE to view Sean's Gerald and Cullen Rapp portfolio.

The concept behind both projects was to develop as series of photo montage images that seamlessly combined fashion shots with an array of floral arrangements. Sean's challenge was to create compelling visuals in his style without altering any of the fashions themselves. The following catalogue illustrations demonstrate Sean's singular talent.

The piece below was created for the opening spread of the catalog. Macy's fell in love with the image and decided to use it for their in-store signage, along with three other visuals that Sean created.

Sean also did this whimsical illustration for an advertisement in Glamour magazine, and it also appeared in the Macy's Spring catalogue.

Initially Macy's considered several artists, but when Sean submitted the comp below it was immediately clear that his idea perfectly complimented Macy's vision for the campaign.

As you can see, Sean McCabe delivered an amazing body of work, so head over to Macy's to get the full effect!

Friday, March 21, 2014


Universities are producing well designed, high quality publications as a means of staying connected to alumni, faculty, and students. Much of the content focuses on noteworthy alumni, prestigious faculty research, and student life. University publications regularly use our artists because we offer a variety of styles ranging from portraits (great for alumni donors) to process-oriented artists (perfect for research projects).

Click on the artists' names to direct you to their portfolio site.

Cornell University, ECE Connections Magazine: Stephanie Dalton Cowan
Stephanie Dalton Cowan created this compelling cover on Big Data.

American University Magazine, Bruce Morser
Bruce Morser created a series of portraits honoring the generosity of university alumni.

Seattle University Magazine: Pushart

PushArt's cut paper technique was able to capture the landscape of Seattle which serves as an inspiration to their students.

Baylor Magazine: Jon Reinfurt 
Baylor celebrated the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ passing in their latest issue. Jon Reinfurt’s illustration displays imagery from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, including 15 various titles peeking out in the background

Vanderbilt Magazine, Traci Daberko
Traci Daberko's organic style is a perfect fit for an article on "green" initiatives.

John Hopkins University School of Music, Peabody Magazine: Eva Vazquez
Eva's lyrical style is ideal for Hopkin's School of Music.

Harvard Public Health, Shaw Nielsen

Shaw Nielsen's whimsical work helps humanize an article on microbes.