Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In a World Wide Web of short attention spans, what better way to get minds and stomachs zeroed in on your product than an interactive online game? Brian Biggs worked with Red Door Interactive to create this Addy award winning campaign, "Rubio's Chase the Taste: The Return of The Original Fish Taco® Game". The objective: search through the massive crowd to find The Original Fish Tacos®, Rubio's chef, Ralph, and other hidden goodies. A drawing for the chance to win $2,500 and several iPads was an added incentive for the players. In addition, coupons for a free fish taco were issued to everyone who played.

The award winning online game screenshot
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·         101,469 visits to landing page over a period of 42 available days
·         68,430 visits to play over a period of 42 available days
·         67% conversion rate
·         Only 6% quit rate
·         19,000 shares in first day
·         7,000 “Post Your Time” shares on Facebook
·         4,625 shares via Facebook message
·         1,880 shares via Twitter
·         5,198 shares via email