Friday, February 15, 2013


For the second year Gerald and Cullen Rapp provided all the talent to complete Softmart's calendar.  Twelve uniquely talented illustrators to complete portraits of twelve technological innovators.  (Did you know that Amar Bose invented the small speaker?)  Whether it's one illustrator or a dozen we can find the right artist to connect with your project and budget.  Please take a look at the terrific showcase of our group below.
BUS CONTROLS FOR PERIPHERALS- Mark Dean and Dennis Moeller created a data spine that connects the keyboard, monitor, and mouse
INSTANT MESSAGING ENHANCEMENTS- Ruthie Lyle incorporated sharing files during communication sessions, IM do-not-disturb and user emoticons
Bob Staake
LED-Nick Holonyak, Jr. research in optometrics lead to his creating the first BE-V alloy visible light-emitting diodes LED
Peter and Maria Hoey
TELEVISION REMOTE CONTROL- Robert Adler manipulated high-frequency tones that would be interpreted to control function on the TV
SPEAKER SYSTEMS- Amar Bose produced stereo speakers that deliver high-end performance despite their modest size
Peter Horvarth
DRY TONER COPY- Chester F. Carlson employed electrostatics for automatic text reproduction instead of chemical or photographic solutions to instant copying.
SILICON SOLAR CELL- Daryl Chaplin, Gerald Pearson and Calvin Feuller built on Einstein’s photoelectric theory to create solar battery power 
MAGNETIC DISC STORAGE- William Goddard and John J. Lynott developed magnetically-coated disks replacing data stored on punch cards and magnetic tape
CCD- Willard Boyle and George E. Smith charged with improving video telephone tech, created the charge- coupled device converting light energy into an electronic charge
ETHERNET- Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs developed a standard for connecting computers over short distances 
Rafael Ricoy
DRAM-Robert Dennard looking for ways to increase computer memory density, invented the one transistor dynamic random access memory
James O'Brien
GEOMETRY ENGINE CHIP- Mark Hannah and Jim Clark collaborated to generate three-dimensional graphics displays in mechanical design