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Every year we are thrilled when the Communication Arts Illustration Annual arrives. As we browse through the pages that celebrate the world’s most gifted illustrators, we are delighted to see some of our very own among them. Each illustrator chosen has a unique style that showcases their creative skill. This year CA received 4636 entries with only 189 projects accepted. Our artists account for 6 of the winners (pretty good.) Below you can see each artist's winning entry and a couple of other images from their portfolio.

Brad Yeo, illustrator | David Plunkert, art director
| Spur Design, design firm | Serbin Communications, client


Brad Yeo was selected in the advertising category for his cover image  for the Directory of Illustration advertiser's brochure. 

He was one of four artists invited to work with David Plunkert of SPUR and Serbin Communications. The illustration was based on the theme of "perpetual motion." 

The project had only one catch: he had to stay clear of using any mechanical imagery.

Take a look at his recent work below.

CLICK HERE for his portfolio.


Dan Page, illustrator | John Montgomery/Marc Sullivan, art directors| Profit, client
Dan Page received an award for his mixed media illustration, “Tsunami Warning” which he did for a double page spread in Profit Magazine. Dan needed to represent the topic “succession” and what business owners 
need to do to avoid problems. 

Also, below is Dan's book cover illustration for "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" and a piece for Corporate Counsel. 

CLICK HERE for Dan Page's portfolio

 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Night Gwen Stacey Died
Corporate Counsel / Patent Suits Rise


Nigel Buchanan, Illustrator
Australian illustrator Nigel Buchanan's three “Velo” illustrations, influenced by a new cycle track in his neighborhood, were chosen in this category. They were created as part of an ongoing series for an exhibition in Sydney.

CLICK HERE to view Nigel's portfolio and below are a couple of recent illustrations.
Wall Street Journal

James Steinberg, illustrator | Cathy Kelly, art director | Sarah Hacala, writer
James Toedtman, editor | Eric Seidman, design director | AARP Bulletin, client

James Steinberg’s op-ed illustration for AARP Bulletin represents the world as a better place by replacing rudeness with civility. 

The snakes symbolize bad behavior in today’s society.
'Thinking Cap'

Check out his recent work below for PM Network Magazine and an image for a series of self-generated Public Service Announcements. 

CLICK HERE for his portfolio. 
PM Network Magazine: Agility

Whitney Sherman, illustrator/designer

Whitney Sherman’s iPhone size business card was chosen in this category. She created a conceptual self-portrait that was hand drawn, scanned, then letterpress printed in one color for each side on 5 pt. museum board.

CLICK HERE for her portfolio. She is always looking to build new relationships!

David Brinley, illustrator

David Brinley has made multiple appearances in the Communication Arts Annual. His acrylic on wood illustration was selected for the unpublished category this year. 

‘Handschuhschneeballwerfer’ was developed from a story which celebrates bizarre words from other languages.

Below you will find recent illustrations from The Washington Post and the image 'Michael.'

CLICK HERE for his portfolio. 
Washington Post:
'What's In a Name...'


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