Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going the Distance with Nigel Buchanan

Nigel Buchanan has just published a fantastic series of illustrations in Runner's World! If you're looking for an artist who can go the distance, look no further. Nigel stuns with this marathon three-page spread.
Nigel always begins an illustration by drawing on tracing paper. But he only draws images the size of a postage stamp or (at their biggest) a credit card. Once he sends a sketch to the art director and it's been approved, he scans it into the computer and uses it as a guide to render the image in Photoshop. 

Benjamen Purvis, the new design director for Runner's World, featured Nigel's illustrations in his very first issue. The article "Is This Okay?" is a "start-to-finish beginner's guide (or veteran's refresher course) to the do's and don'ts of race-day etiquette." Nigel helps demonstrate how runners shouldn't wear headphones during a race, lunge for free water, or scoff at slower runners.

                                                                                                 ^ Don't run wearing someone else's bib.

^ Don't ask a fast-paced friend to jump in at the end and help you finish the race.

          ^ Don't lunge at the water table.                              ^ Don't wear headphones during a race.

CLICK HERE for Nigel Buchanan's portfolio.

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