Monday, June 13, 2011


"The process took around 4 months, in between servicing regular clients. Drew Frist from Electric-Type, the creative director on the project, broke down the areas to be illustrated and described how he had imagined them to be. In conjunction with Dino, the interactive company, he would give me a list of 'assets' which are all the bits needed in separate layers for the animations. After the first few we got to the stage where he would leave me to produce the final image without having to approve the sketches, which sped up the whole process.

It was a lot of work, but the whole exercise was relatively seamless. Drew and Dino where great to work with. We used a central work base called Basecamp which held all the correspondence between all parties and all the files in one place.

I was very keen to take this on, as I can see that this area of getting our illustrations animated is only going to get bigger and I was excited to see what was involved."

-Nigel Buchanan

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